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Issue  21-22 (15 November 2021)

AGM updates

We need your votes (before the meeting if possible) to make sure any decisions at the AGM are made by the required number of members. Just follow this link to vote online. Thank you.

As promised in the AGM notifications, this edition of News Flash brings you details of the nominations for new trustees. Nominated so far:

  • ·         Alison Middleton (Proposer Angie Grain; Seconder  Peter Mate)
  • ·         Mark Hall (Proposer Angie Grain; Seconder Hugh Bevington)
  • ·         Sandra Mistry (Proposer Angie Grain; Seconder Hugh Bevington)
  • ·         Margaret McCabe (Proposer Joy Hall, Seconder Angie Grain).

u3a Christmas Cracker 10 am Saturday 18th December

This popular festive event is returning from Zoom to Clarke Foley this year. We would like to receive suggestions and offers of entertainment within the next week. from any groups or members. Email Peter Mate ( or phone him on 01943 609401.

Social distancing means limited numbers so we advise booking early for this free event using this link. Eating mince pies not compulsory!

Yorkshire study day on Wednesday 24th November

Only limited places now available at the Playhouse for this look at all things Yorkshire. If full, do add your name to the waiting list. Places will be offered if anyone drops out. To book and for more information, select this link.

NB. The Castles study day on 10th November was cancelled, as two of the main speakers were ill. The event proved very popular so we will rearrange in Spring 2022 with a larger capacity hall.

Drop-in sessions to discuss anything relating to u3a are up and running again. The next one is on Friday 19th November at Clarke Foley from 10:30 am to 12 noon. Those on duty will be happy to take your bookings for the study day and Christmas Cracker if you’re not comfortable doing this on line.

Group news

A new ukulele 10-week beginners group will start in January. This will be held at 11:45 am each Tuesday at the lower hall, Christ Church on the Grove.
After 10 weeks, you may join the intermediate group if you want. All you need is a ukulele, an electronic tuner and a ring binder. The group will be small, with a relaxed atmosphere…and you don’t have to be able to read music. If you’re interested, contact Hugh Bevington at

A new backgammon group has started each Wednesday from 2pm to 4 pm in Bar T’at on Cunliffe Rd, Ilkley almost opposite Clarke Foley. Beginners are welcome to this friendly group and new members can progress at their own pace. Contact Caroline Leverton-Blue email for details.

Walking cricket group. Join with Leeds u3a in a free session at Headingley indoor cricket centre 10 am to 12 noon on a Friday. Contact Liz Billings ( for information. If there’s enough interest, Liz hopes to establish an Ilkley group next spring. One member who responded to this item in the last News Flash writes: Enjoyed it with a mixture of ladies and gents. Not a high standard but fun.

Creative writing group. This well-established group has some vacancies. They currently hold meetings via Zoom each Friday from 09.30 am  until 11.30 am. (with a coffee morning each month at The Wheatley Arms). The approach, developed and refined by members, allows all to learn from each other in terms of style and technique in a very friendly way.  Some focus on short stories, others are working on longer projects. For information use this link to the website or email Tony Armstrong at

Quirky Humour

Over 3,500 visits have been made to our quirky humour page since the start of 2021 and the average time spent looking at the cartoons is over 5 minutes per visit. You can find the latest additions here.

For those attending any u3a Christmas party

Vote for the best cracker joke on your table and send to News Flash. Anything has to be better than these.

What goes “Oh, Oh, Oh”? Santa walking backwards!

What’s the most popular Christmas wine? But I don’t like Brussels sprouts!

Why is it getting harder to buy Advent calendars? Their days are numbered!


John & Christine


PS. What do the following acronyms have in common?


Answers at the bottom of this mail

Select here to read the latest u3a newsletter and complete an online survey to help make everyday objects more accessible by identifying the poorly designed everyday items in our homes that make our lives more difficult.

Why does the jet stream rule our weather? Select here for a fascinating
30-minute radio programme from BBC Sounds to find out more

The acronyms are all examples of RAS syndrome

RAS stands for ‘redundant acronym syndrome’. The term was coined in 2001 in a light-hearted column in New Scientist. These examples include an unnecessary additional word:.

ATM machine, COVID-19 virus, DVD disc, HIV virus, PIN number, VIP person.

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