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Issue  22-22 (15 November 2022)

AGM online voting

Please cast your vote on the resolutions to ensure we pass the 10% threshold, thus giving validity to the process. Select here to vote on line. The agenda, supporting reports, and the opportunity to vote by post will be found on this link.

The following have been nominated to become trustees and will be proposed at the AGM: Richard Bell, Anne Morrison.

Existing trustees up for election: Jean Smith, Margaret McCabe, Peter Mate, Jacqui Wellbrook and Neil Stevens  (Jacqui & Neil co-opted during the year).

Trustees who are retiring at the AGM Alison Middleton, Marten Koopmans, Steve Moorcraft (Treasurer) and Angie Grain (Chair).

The AGM is this Saturday 19th November at Ilkley Parish Church. 9:30 am for refreshments (no charge), 10 am for the AGM after which we will be entertained by the Wharfedale Male Voice Choir.

Your u3a needs you!

Not too late to be nominated as a trustee. Email

We also need help to support the creation of two new groups. Both have members keen to join. Please email

Could you organise local trips by public transport? Many members have a West Yorkshire Metro card providing free travel on buses and heavily subsidised local train travel. One u3a group already exists taking trips using these passes and now we have sufficient interest to start a second group. 

German For Beginners. We have volunteers from an existing German Conversation willing to help but no one is yet volunteering to coordinate running this new venture. 

NB. Our u3a has over 100 groups so over 100 members already undertake the important role of making things happen. The team that coordinate all our group activity will provide all the support and guidance you might need.

Improving your PowerPoint presentations

If you have ever created PowerPoint presentations for u3a meetings, this workshop at 10 am Monday 12th December is for you. With participation limited to 20 it's hoped all will chip in with their own good and bad experiences so we can learn from each other. Select here for more information and to register.

New Group Information

Introducing the u3a Fitness Hub Select this link for more information and to register for the launch event on Friday 25th November (4:15 pm to 6 pm). We are getting close to maximum capacity but we will run a waiting list so please register even if the event is fully booked. There are bound to be cancellations. If you are unable to attend the launch event but would like to register your interest in the Fitness Hub email Neil Stevens via

Open Canoeing Gerald Richardson has suspended the Group until Easter time 2023 when the weather will be warmer. Arrangements and cost for restarting will be announced well beforehand but in the meantime, please address any enquiries to

Existing Group Information

Disco Dancing 1960s-70s (and a bit either side) welcomes new members. Twist, boogie, shuffle, or just sit and tap your feet along to the blasts of the past! Tea included.  We meet alternate Mondays (2.00-3.30) at the Ben Rhydding Scout Hut, next session 21st November.  For more information contact

Walking Cricket Meeting every Monday at 10 am for a couple of hours at Aireborough Leisure Centre in Guiseley which is a 10 minute walk from Guiseley train station. Go down the hill, left at the lights and it's just past Morrison's on the left. More information and contact details on this link.

Games in the Pub Meet Wednesday afternoons at Wetherspoons in Ilkley to play anything from whist, hangman, dominoes, chess & backgammon. Information and contact details on this link.

Singalong 4 Fun We are fortunate to have several music making groups. This one meets alternate Monday afternoons at Audley Clevedon Retirement village in Ben Rhydding. They have just updated their group information page. They welcome new members. Select here for more information and to contact the organisers.

A reminder to Christmas lunch organisers

Please help with the following requests:

1.    Send a few pictures with your group name, the lunch venue and how many attended to Helen Stevens ( Christmas parties are excellent opportunities to promote u3a in our social media postings. Make sure you tell those in the photo that you're taking their picture for publicity purposes!

2.    Vote for the best cracker joke on each table and send them to News Flash.

Dates for your diaries

Next Drop in Clarke Foley Friday 18th November from 10:30 am to 12 noon. All your u3a questions answered over a cup of tea or coffee,

Learn about “Black Tom” Fairfax (on line lecture) One of our own members (John Cockshot) is presenting the early years of local Parliamentarian Sir Thomas Fairfax in the English Civil War. Join him on zoom. 10:30 am Friday 25th November. More information and registration on this link. (Opens the Manor House website).

Ilkley Christmas tree festival St Margaret’s church will be filled with a stunning display of Christmas trees individually decorated by local schools, charities and community groups. Friday & Saturday 2nd / 3rd December. More information on this link. Apparently one of the trees is decorated by members of u3a.

Singing for Pleasure Christmas concert 10 am Tuesday 6th December St John's Church, Bolling Road, Ben Rhydding, LS29 9PN. Everyone welcome. Details on this link.

Richard the Northern King 7:30 pm Thursday 8th December Manor House Ilkley. A talk by Graham Mitchell BA, Member of the international Richard III Society & the Yorkshire Branch, a member of our u3a and a former Keighley Town Mayor. Details and booking on this link.

Ukulele Players 10:30 am Tuesday 13th December at Christchurch café on the Grove. Details here 

The u3a Christmas Cracker 9:30 am for 10 am start on Saturday 17th December, A festive entertainment in Clarke Foley and free event for u3a members. Please help us to judge how many mince pies to order by using this link to registerThank you.

Links to regular features on our website

The latest updates on the jokes and cartoons are here. The scrapbook from the local paper reports Tesco supermarket opened in 1983. But with a different name. Select here to read.

Some more “alternative definitions” from Peter Higginbotham.

Omelette - a brief chant

Paradox - medics who jump from planes

Integrate - where Yorkshire folk light a fire

Crudity - a sea shanty

Conspiring - undercover network in Armley gaol

Trampoline - cleaning product for vagrants

Senile - highlight of an Egyptian holiday

Abominable - an explosive bovine


John & Christine



Warm Space initiatives

Several places throughout the district are opening their doors in an effort to help folk conserve heat and energy at home. It is also an opportunity to socialise in the dark and cold months ahead.

More information can be found here for our members in Otley and Bradford Council area.

Generation WOW

The Third Age Trust has linked up with Specsavers to produce a series of interesting videos of u3a members engaging in their favourite pastimes. If anyone can explain the title (Generation WOW) given to this initiative, we will be happy to share it in the next News Flash. See the videos on this link.

Making the most of your u3a subscription

A fascinating collection of lectures on line via Zoom in the coming few weeks. Details here. Also members can received a copy of the much improved national magazine, Third Age Matters. Front cover of the latest edition here. Reply to this News Flash if you want to receive the next issue.

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