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These are a few samples of the documents, books and maps that we have catalogued, indexed and digitised so far.

While we are working on the items there isn't usually enough time to have a really good look at them so it is nice to be able to browse through these at leisure.

The full archive will be available on the Manor House History Hub when it is set up for everyone to access.  The group will keep adding to the archive.

To view the Ilkley History Scrapbook of the Month page, click here.



 Bradford Art Galleries - A Brief History of Ilkley Small booklet published 1978 Click to View 
 Friends of the Manor House Small booklet published 1984 Click to View 
 Ilkley Tithe Map Map published 1847 Click to View
 The Manor of Askwith, 1596 - 1816 Extract from The Yorkshire Archaeological  Society Journal, 1991 Click to View
 Agrarian Society and Wealth in Mid-Wharfedale, 1664 - 1743 Extract from The Yorkshire Archaeological  Society Journal, 1981 Click to View
 White Wells, Ilkley Small booklet published 1982 Click to View
 Extract from Kelly's Directory, 1881 Kelly's Directory 1881 Click to View
 Ilkley Gazette Entertainments Adverts, 1875 - 1895 Extracts from Ilkley Gazette Click to View
 Yorkshire Cheese Making Extracts from a book on Folk Life Click to View
 Map of Wells in Ilkley, 1893 Map published 1893 Click to View
 William Middleton: Innocent Abroad or Government Spy Extract from The Yorkshire Archaeological  Society Journal, 2000 Click to View
 A 17th C Recusant Family Library: Middleton of Stockeld Extract from The Yorkshire Archaeological  Society Journal, 2003 Click to View
 Olicana Historical Society Scrapbook review of the year 1999 Scrapbook, 1999 Click to View
 Delving into the past...... Transcript Click to View

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