"Art for Fun in Lockdown"

Members of the Art for Fun group have produced or finished the following pieces of art during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Click on a photo below to see it in a new tab. Click on it again and you will see it full size in another tab, although this might seem to be in the same window on a small device such as a mobile 'phone. Use the device's back button to return to the original photo or close the tab where you can see the tab headings.  

36 photo(s) Updated on: 28 Jun 2020
  • Angry bird in pencil - Gunilla Vriesendorp
  • Stephen Ogden - will he build his own boat?
  • Stephen Ogden - NOT his self portrait!
  • Merel Perrett
  • Painting cows - Alan Watkinson
  • Escape from lockdown - Margaret Widdowson
  • Christine Grayston
  • Joan Loach
  • Stephen Ogden
  • The Tarn - Michael Beatham and his Dad
  • Halldóra Hallgrims
  • Halldóra Hallgrims
  • Tulips and pansy at Wells Road - Julia Johnson
  • Bolton Abbey - Julia Johnson
  • Julia Johnson made this card for a friend
  • Sadie Wilyman
  • Cow & Calf - John Metcalfe
  • John Metcalfe
  • Stephen Ogden
  • Stephen Ogden
  • Inspired by a 85 concert I attended - Alan Watkinson
  • Am I safe! - Michael Beatham
  • A bright hope for the future - Tony Dutton
  • Stephen Ogden
  • Stephen Ogden
  • Chris Grayston
  • Jacky Banyard
  • Fountains Abbey - Pat Stevenson
  • Turnstone - Gunilla Vriesendorp
  • Kircudbright in the harbour - Julia Johnson
  • Joan Loach
  • Judith Sayer
  • Fountains Abbey
  • Merel Perrett
  • Christine Grayston
  • Christine Moorcraft

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