Watching Bumblebees presented by Maurice White of Craven u3a

  • 27 Apr 2021
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (UTC-00:00)
  • Zoom Meeting


Talks are presently held via easy to use Zoom video link

The busy bumblebees of the spring and summer bring charm to our gardens and neighbourhoods, and they are vital pollinators contributing to the continuing beauty of the world around us.

These fascinating creatures have a much more complex life history and biology than we see when watching them in the garden. This talk will reveal the variety and some of the science behind the pleasant buzz around the flowers.

We’ll learn what makes a bumblebee different from other flying insects and by taking a look at its anatomy and the life-cycle of the bumblebee nest we’ll understand some of the behaviour we see and learn of the huge effectiveness of the bumblebee.

Along the way we’ll notice the characteristics of some of the bumblebees that are most commonly seen in our area and learn about the vital contribution of bumblebees to pollination.

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