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Some of our Projects.

13 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Jul 2020
  • 1 First we had to build a workbench
  • 2 Then a table for a lathe
  • 3 Two scoreboards for the Boule group
  • 4 A puppet
  • 5 Two medieval lanterns for a re-enactment event
  • 6 A bench, new oak with a cast iron frame from a salvage yard
  • 7 A cold frame made from a pallet
  • 8 An eight drawer chest using repurposed drawers
  • 9 A lamp and bedside table
  • 10 Two candlesticks
  • 11 A rotating bookcase with a lazy Susan base
  • 12 A replacement door
  • 13 An Adirondack (US) or Muskoka (Can) chair, comfortable and handy for drinks

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