The Armchair World Tour:  Tuesday 30th July 2019

Unlike many other events, this was held in the evening with nearly 60 people gathered in the small hall at Clarke Foley.  The format was delightfully simple but highly effective.  Get 14 members to talk about each of 5 pictures taken on their travels, but limit the explanations to just a minute per image.

A stroke of genius that kept the evening fresh and interesting.  Nothing like our collective memories of seeing someone else’s holiday snaps.  And through the wonders of computer technology, the picture show kept to the one minute time slot.  So the presenters were forced to keep pace.  By all accounts, they played by the rules and had a great time was had by everyone in the process.

Well done to Lorelie Fox, Sue Butler and Philip Robins.  If you would like to relive the evening, or indeed see the images for the first time, start the video below and turn up the volume.  Pictures and music take about 15 minutes to play and you can pause at any time.

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