Members share thoughts about belonging to Ilkley & District u3a

In one of our recent news letters we asked our members why they were glad they had joined u3a.

Here are a few of the responses that provide a good summary of who we are and how becoming a member really helps make the most of life after the age of full time work.

Angie from Ilkley: Being an active member of the u3a has been interesting and has really enhanced my retirement. Participation in groups, as a member or a leader, has broadened my friendships and allowed me to do a wide variety of activities, some of which have been mentally or physically challenging.

Prue from Bingley: I was lucky enough to get a place in the Film Group and have really enjoyed it, watching a new film every fortnight and discussing it with the others. Sometimes we're mostly in agreement, sometimes very much not! I'd encourage anyone interested in film to sign up to the waiting list for the new group that's planned. 

Linda from Addingham: I think u3a is fantastic and offers everything so many people can enjoy. Can’t think what more you could add apart from space travel.

Niccola from Burley in Wharfedale: u3a is amazing! There is just the most wonderful range of activities available, both regular groups and one-off events. I really enjoy my discussion groups and I’m about to start a short course. In the past, I’ve also enjoyed walking and exercise groups. Everyone is so friendly and I’m always learning new things. I am so grateful to everybody who makes the time to organise the u3a and who offers their knowledge. 

Denise from Leeds: I'm now 86 and have been a member of the u3a for many years, firstly doing short courses like discovering the origins of the English language, and Cosmology. Then joining the craft group, which meets throughout the year - as does the weaving group, where I learned to use a peg loom - I was 79! You can teach an old dog new tricks! And you make a lot of friends in the process!

Peter from Ilkley: Ilkley and District u3a is wonderful. Great for making new friends who share similar interests. Groups and local activities every day of the week. Lower Wharfedale is alive with u3a activity. 

Stephanie from Otley: Don't let the Name University of the Third Age put you off. You're not going back on campus. The u3a can offer you a wide range of new experiences with like-minded people so you don't have to have an empty diary.

From circle dancing to family genealogy, art to board games there are masses of interests on offer. And the eating out groups offer good companionship for those of us who are solo. For me the u3a is a bit like a good friend: there when you need them.

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