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Piano Duets Group

Many of us learned to play the piano as children and, although we enjoyed it, playing was squeezed further and further down the priority list during the years of work and child rearing. The result can be not only “rusty” fingers but a loss of confidence and an unwillingness to put in the practice.

Playing with a duet partner is a terrific stimulus. Four hands on the keyboard rather than two makes a much bigger sound, even if each partner is playing fewer notes than they used to, so there is positive feedback from the start. And knowing that someone is coming to play with you is the incentive you need to learn and practice your ‘end’ of the piece. It’s also a lot of fun!

Our twenty members encompass all levels of piano playing, from Grade 2 right up to Grade 8. We practice in pairs (obviously!) and some members play with more than one partner. Four times a year the whole group gets together to share with everyone else the pieces that they’ve been learning and enjoying. We play classical, modern, popular and even jazz and we all have a great time. Everyone’s playing has improved and we’ve made lovely new friends. Do come and join us.

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