Welcome to those visiting

the Ilkley U3A Annual Photographic Exhibition 2021

The pictures in this year's exhibition have been taken by our three photographic groups whose members range from absolute beginners right through to those who could almost make a living from their hobby. They were given 6 categories to choose from and have entered no more that two pictures per person. The pictures are not displayed in any particular order:

Street Scenes

Beautiful Yorkshire


Colourful People

Natural World - birds/insects/animals/plants

Water and/or Woodland Scenes

Our annual exhibition is normally open to the public and held in the upstairs gallery of Ilkley Manor House, where the visitors are asked to vote on their favourite image. This year we asked visitors to vote by email with the option to be entered into a draw for 3 prizes of £20 book tokens.

Select or click here for the three photographs that collected the most votes.

Select or click here for the book token winners.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the four galleries that can be accessed by selecting the images below.

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