Entries to the EYE 2019 / 2020 Winter Edition Photographic Competition

Competition Closed.

Please look carefully at all thirteen of the images on this page, each of which has been allocated a letter which can be seen by hovering over the image or when you click on it.  None of the images have been manipulated in any way.  Your task is to choose your favourite image.  We are not looking necessarily for the best technically.  Just the one that is your favourite.  Once you have chosen, select this link to register your choice.  You will need to be logged in to register your vote. This way we make sure it is only one vote per person.

Closing date for entering your vote was Friday 27th March 2020.

Click on a photo to see it in a new window. Click on it again and you will see it full size.

13 photo(s) Updated on: 29 Feb 2020
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