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This area is where you will find various quizzes to help stimulate the mind and pass the time.

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0. Three quizzes for you:

A. Mike Johnson has used his knowledge of films to set a quiz for our members.

Select here for the questions and select here for the answers


B. How much do you know about towns in the North of England?

Instead of the usual monthly visit, Northern Towns ran a quiz for the group over the telephone. 

Select here for the questions and select here for the answers


C. Angie Grain has supplied this picture quiz to name the artist in a self-portrait

Select here for the questions and select here for the answers

1. WestNet Quiz originally scheduled for 27th March

Rounds 1 to 4 null   

  Rounds 5 to 8null

The lockdown does not mean we cannot still have our quiz.  Just click on the image to open up a video in a new tab, and try to answer as many questions as possible. If you need more time, just pause the video. Once running, you can play the video in full screen mode by selecting the box at the bottom right hand corner of the video.

If you want more of these video quizzes, let us know by emailing

Our thanks to Mick Ritchings of Craven U3A for organising the original event and supplying his Questions and Answers.

2. A Quiz set just for the U3A by Sean.

Sean is a cousin of U3A member Mary Podesta and writes quiz questions for TV programmes Including The Chase.

Just select or click here to view a .pdf file of the quiz in a new tab and see how you get on. 

3. The Third Age Trust is providing a weekly quiz on its website. 

       Select or click here to access their page.

4. The Art Appreciation Group ran a quiz by email for their members.  It is now shared with the wider U3A. See how you get on. 

Select or click here for the questions. 

Select or click here for the answers.

5.  U3A Third Age Trust is hosting a weekly maths challenge.

To test your ability, select this link.  It has been running a couple of weeks so the answers to the older challenges are already posted.  Not that you would want to cheat!

6.  For the lovers of the Dales, have a go at this quiz

To open the quiz, select this link and, when you have finished, click here for the answers.

7.  Two more quizzes:

A. Another Film Quiz from Mike Johnston.

     select or click here for a .pdf file that contains the questions followed by the answers.

B.  Famous Victorians by Angie Grain

     select or click here for the questions then select or click here for the answers.

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