Lockdown Support Zone: Making Good Use of Spare Time

When there are no more jobs to be done around the house, this is where to find inspiration to keep occupied and perhaps learn something new.

Denise Marsden has been spending lockdown writing a short story.  It was submitted for inclusion in the EYE but there just was not the space in the latest issue to print in full.  Select here to read "The Covid Camera"

John Rhodes has continued to search through his vast collection of digital photographs. 
Select this link to view the latest collection:

If you missed the first trip round the local area, click on this link:

Have a look at, and listen to, a superb rendition of a summertime favourite from the sixties courtesy of the Swinging 60's Music Scene - thanks to Andy Copsey:-

Mr Motivator with a daily routine especially for U3A members

There are daily routines to try at home.  Access by selecting the above link.

A BBC website to assist learning for stay at home children

The content in places looks a valuable learning facility for stay at home members of U3A.  Access BBC Bitesize by selecting the above heading.

Greetings from Lostwithiel U3A

I am pleased to acknowledge that the following three links have been provided by Lostwithiel U3A (Cornwall) who are linking to our own website Coronavirus Zone pages.

BT and ITV created Top Tips on Tech

A series of videos and guides to help us learn about different technologies and how to get the most out of them.  They are shown in a series of special ad breaks every weekday on ITV.  Select or click on the heading to view the series.

Filmed stage plays and musicals to watch for free

BBC announces Culture in Quarantine programme

Director of BBC Arts explains how keeping public access to art and culture is paramount for the BBC - and how it will support artists and institutions in this period of quarantine.  Contains links that may be of interest.

Have you ever thought of learning to do card tricks?

Thanks to Jean Smith for this contribution.  Sit in front of your computer, tablet or mobile phone and click on the picture to play this video.  Remember to stay focussed on the screen.  Then work out how it’s done. If you cannot work it out, email and I will explain all.

John Rhodes has thousands of digital photographs on his computer.  Taking advantage of having to stay indoors, he has been compiling a short video of these images to share with his local Rotary Club members plus friends and family.

I have persuaded him to share with U3A via our website.  Sit back and enjoy the first four instalments which feature Bingley, Keighley, Bradford and Saltaire.

More will be added in batches so check back here every few weeks.

A way to fill your spare time?

This is one way to do it.  See this video on how to exercise with your dog courtesy of Bill Jones

A must see item

Steve Weatherley of the Railways Group, without doubt, has spent time in his loft working on his model railway - but this is no ordinary model railway.  This was featured as Railway of the Month in a national magazine which is quite an accolade.

The full storey will feature in the next edition of the EYE but as a taster, select this link to watch a short introductory video and watch the trains in action.  The layout is based upon a real location, Chirk in the Welsh Marshes, during the 1930s.

Try Tai Chi

Select or click here to read about why this is useful exercise for our age group and to see some videos of basic moves.

Improve your computer skills

BT have links to an extensive range of online courses covering everything from basic email, shopping online to advanced Power Point presentations.  Just follow this link:

Learn something new

Try these links and see if anything appeals:

Try this link WEA Adult learning within reach

If you have read all your books

Muriel Jones has a large selection of books which she is happy to lend.  This includes history poetry, non-fiction and crime novels in abundance.  All available for collection from Muriel’s home in Ilkley.  Self-distancing expected.  Send someone if you cannot come yourself.  Phone Muriel on 01943 817348 to make arrangements.

Are you a knitter looking for a project?


A court is a very intimidating place for children. Teddy bears are often given to child witnesses and children attending adoption hearings. They are well loved and make a huge difference to a child’s experience of visiting a court. But unfortunately, these teddies are in short supply!

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who knits (or wants to give it a go!) would make some teddies! Any bears made will be donated to the Combined Court Centre in Leeds. This small gesture will greatly improve the court experience for children in incredibly challenging situations.  Please email Ann Thake for the pattern and to express an interest in helping.

The next two ideas have been shared on Ilkley U3A Facebook page

This amazing resource features a wonderful array of art and culture collections around the world.

Help Librarians and Archivists from Your Living Room.  Several institutions have seen an update in digital detective work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Select this link to find out how to get involved.

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