Garden Visits Group

During the seven years since the Garden Visits Group was formed we have visited over fifty gardens and nurseries.  Some of the gardens visited are small ones that open specially for our group, others are large gardens open to the general public.  Sometimes we have a guided tour, perhaps from the owner or the head gardener, sometimes we explore the gardens ourselves.  Between ten and twelve visits per year are organised by members during late spring, summer and early autumn.  The visits may be to a local garden such as Beacon Hill House at Langbar or may be further afield such as the Himalayan garden near Ripon.  Though we may visit a garden or nursery again at a different time of year, there are still numerous interesting ones we have yet to visit.  We travel to the gardens by private car and usually finish our visits with tea, cake and chat. 

The photograph shows some of the group enjoying refreshments after visiting Breezy Knees gardens and nursery near York.

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