Ceilidh Dancing Group

The Ceilidh Dancing  group meets for 6 weekly sessions in January and February each year to provide a light-hearted and fun way to get some exercise after the excesses of the festive season.  No special talents or experience are required – an ability to walk and count up to 8 will get you through most dances.  The dances take many forms – square sets, longwise sets, single circles, double circles and round the room formations.  Most involve changing partners several times as the dance progresses which makes a very sociable and friendly atmosphere.  There is nothing more rewarding that seeing a room full of happy smiling faces. An added bonus is that this kind of dancing provides exercise for the brain as well as the body.  Each dance is made up of a series of figures and although these figures are called throughout the dance the dancers need to be on the ball in order to be on time for the next figure.  Invariably someone will make a mistake or forget what comes next but far from causing problems this usually results in great hilarity – going wrong is part of the fun!


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