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Wayfarers' Walking


Ilkleyu3a's Wayfarers group consists of members experienced and fit enough to walk  between eleven and thirteen miles (possibly with a cumulative ascent between 1000' and 2000') at a medium to fast pace. Walks are on the fourth Wednesday of every month. New walkers are always welcome at any time during the year. There is no joining fee. However transport costs are shared when using cars to get to the walk start.

All members receive details about a planned walk by e-mail ten days before the walk. Walks may be local or at a maximum 1.5 hours drive from Ilkley.  All members of the group who wish to do so are encouraged to lead a walk from time to time and support is available to group members who are not used to planning and leading a walk.


Mike Pilling


Car sharing is arranged from Ilkley.


Throughout the year on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Cost:  Transport costs are shared when cars are used to reach the walk start.

Contact Information:

U3A members please contact Mike.

Non U3A visitors please  click here.



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