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Circle Dancing in Otley


The Circle is the oldest form of dancing on earth and it has been used as a symbol of unity for gathering ancient communities together.

Originally the dances came from the countries on the edge of Europe ... Balkans, Greece & Russia and were brought to the Findhorn Community in Scotland in 1974 by Bernhard Wosein.  Since then the Circle Dance movement has spread all over the world and traditional dances are blended with dances of a more Western culture.

The group will be led by an experienced teacher.

Please wear comfortable clothing and lightweight shoes (not sneakers).

The class operates by dancing together but observing Covid Guidelines for non-contact and social dancing.


Jan Ellan Bows


Scout Hut, Burras Lane, Otley


Thursday mornings from 10:30 am until 12:00 noon


The cost is £12 per half term

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